Our favorite 5 beaches in (and around) Miami

Miami is without doubt one of the world’s top touristic destination.


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When you think about relaxing and beaches, Miami is there in our mind as an inmmediate asociation, inside the imagination of every traveller. It is one of the places you need to go at least once in your life. Although there are more than beaches -outlets, museums, neighborhoods or adventures such as the everglade safari or jungle island- it’s impossible to avoid visiting its temperate water and white sand along with palm trees that dance with the music from the streets.

Miami has tons of beaches and probably every traveller has his top 5. This is ours:


Located at the south of Miami Beach. It has warm water and hot sun. One of its main attractions are that you can see all kinds of famous people from the “latin jet set” arriving in fancy cars, attractive super models and sports 24 hours a day -surf included-. It is well known that people go to South Beach “to be seen”, and it’s true. You need to at least be here for a day or two and have a proper walk-through on Ocean Drive, its stores and restaurants. There are many hotels, and you may find one starting from US $50 per night.


A little more to the north, crossing about 10 blocks from Collins Ave is Halouver Beach, one that is far more quiet and without the noise. Ideal to relax with the family, it is surrounded by a natural park, picnic and BBQ areas, a golf circuit and a tennis course. And another *small* detail: it is the only legal nudist beach in Miami.


To finish an entire day full of beaches and emotions -or if you only like a magic sunset- you should go to Siestas Beach. One of the best places to watch how the sun starts to hide over the Gulf. This one is more romantic and quiet and the sand has the reputation to be one of the most pure and soft in the whole city.


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Another one you should not miss. Around an hour by car from Miami, Fort Lauderdale is a beautiful green city. Beaches are more quiet and with a beautiful environment, so you can walk the “ribera” and tour famous peoples houses. It’s this area from where you can see the colosal cruise ships that are going to the Caribbean beaches and islands.


Located in Los Cayos, this beach is remembered as being the one Ernest Hemingay used to visit, and also because it’s the nearest place to Cuba. Being in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, like an island united to the continent -using a complex gates-bridges structure. It is around 4 hours from Miami, but it is worth it. The waters are clrear, the sand is white and smooth, with a tourquoise color and an infinite view. The waters are clear, the sand is white and smooth, with a tourquoise color and an infinite view. They are dreamlike images you will never forget.


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